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Whether you are looking to evaluate your existing business performance, change your business operating model through integration with other operations, new systems or tenders, we will create robust, consistent and fully integrated business processes ensuring maximum operational efficiency is achieved and provide transparency of your end to end supply chain.

System Implementations and Business Integration Projects

We will undertake in depth analysis of your business processes, holding process mapping workshops with all your key stakeholders to understand “as is” and “future state” requirements to ensure your new business processes are streamlined and consistent across all areas. We use a “pyramid” approach, documenting business processes from a High-Level drilling down to Work Instructions to create a fully integrated business process library. We will eliminate duplicate processes and identify operational improvements throughout the process. We can also help your business by writing business requirement documents and scoping projects if required.

Business Improvement Projects

From our initial engagement with your organisation we may identify potential continuous improvement projects for example through systems integration projects or there may be a specific challenge we can help you address. We use all the main industry recognised Continuous Improvement (C.I) tools and methodologies as required for example 5S, ishikawa diagrams, 8D etc. All C.I projects are backed up with in-depth data analysis so any cost savings and efficiencies delivered are proven. We will also check that there’s no detrimental impact on other areas and ensure any new processes are fully integrated with your existing business model. With successful implementation of C.I projects, it enables your business to stay ahead of the competition through efficiency gains and reduction in your cost base, making you and your customers more successful.

Creating Tenders

We can develop processes for you to incorporate into your tender documents so bidders have a clear understanding of your operational requirements. We can also evaluate process maps you receive back from bidders to ensure they’re capable of delivering not only a workable solution but one that is right for your business.

Responding to tenders

Submitting process maps as part of a tender is one of the best ways to give customers the confidence you understand their operational requirements and capable of delivering a real life operational solution. Bidders often feel by submitting detailed process maps they are in danger of giving away their IP. If there is any danger of this, we can help develop processes at just the right level of detail so it’s clear to the customer you are providing a credible solution whilst protecting your IP. We can also create very powerful documents such as DILOS (Day In The Life) that will bring your solution to life visually, and make it stand out from your competitors.

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2020 Supply Chain Consultancy Ltd: chart iconData Analytics

Having accurate and consistent data underpins any world leading supply chain operation. Whether there’s a specific challenge you need to address or you’re looking for a holistic analysis of your overall supply chain we can help.

System Implementations and Business Integration Projects

Data mapping and gathering to support major change projects to ensure your business transformation goes as smoothly as possible.

Business Improvement Projects

Data analysis to benchmark and improve your supply chain performance. We can carry out a wide variety of data projects to help your business understand your existing performance and recommend improvements to give you competitive advantage such as inventory reduction, increase asset utilisation, improve order lead-times etc.

Creating tenders

It is critical the data provided in a tender accurately reflects operational requirements both in terms of quantitative and qualitative data. Many supply chain out-sourcing projects fail to deliver the expected efficiencies and savings due to bidders receiving poor data and inaccurately modelling operational reality. We will create the right and most accurate data sets possible ensuring tender responses from the bidders reflect your operational requirements and the tender process delivers the expected results.

Responding to tenders

If you are a potential supplier responding to a tender it is essential the data received from the customer is managed and analysed accurately. In many tenders the customer will issue multiple versions of the same file as they improve the accuracy of the data. It is imperative that a robust data room is set up to manage version control and ensure the most up to date information is used, and the tender project team are all working from the same data set “one source of truth”. An AED (Assumptions Exclusions Dependency) log must also be used so the customer understands exactly how their information has been modelled.

During the tender process a data checklist is also used to map out the “ideal” data you require from the customer against what has been received. The data gaps identified are used to generate meaningful questions to the customer enabling both customer and supplier to get the best possible outcome from the tender process. We have experience in managing multi-million pound tender data including public sector restricted data requirements. We will set up a robust dataroom to manage the customer’s data throughout the tender process.